A tree grows from seed—a Soul, from Christ to Bacon to Marx to Jung to Krishna Prem to Plato … and in time to finally bear fruit and seed in Ergodidiocy & Understanding
The Ergodidiocy of building on the beach in Rodanthe, North Carolina. Here looking east. You never know where Life is going to lead you.


Christian from birth, one Soul’s antithesis is another one’s synthesis—or thesis, if you’re just starting to think about it. My response in dealing with social injustice and exploitation was protest, but praxis based on Marx’s theory was in marked contradiction to the objective conditions of the time and lacked a necessary understanding of the Soul. So I took time off to travel and work—in Paros and beyond—to read and to reflect.


A meal of rank materialism leads to indigestion and then regurgitation in order to enjoy a different course or further down to expurgation, followed with its passing by thin soup or a fast. I chose the latter—to refrain attempting to untangle the endless stresses of political thought—to retrain my psyche so to better braid the truthful strands of pleasure, freedom, and affiliation found in and for the greater good of all human selves and souls.


Some fifty years advanced, the contradictions are now ideally material and the objective conditions—of maximum capacity to produce, yet minimum propensity to distribute the bounty of the earth to humanity and the rest of life—are materially ideal for a reckoning of Soul and substance. The truth of Plato’s philosopher king, of Christ & Marx, of Ergod1=ergodidiot, or the ergodidiocy of partisan identification and tyranny, the choice is ours to make.

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